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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is IEC?

The Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) is a nonprofit trade association federation with 52 educational campuses and affiliate local chapters across the country. IEC represents about 3,600 member businesses that employ over 80,000 electrical and systems workers throughout the United States and educates over 12,000 electricians and systems professionals each year through world-class training programs.

IEC Southern Colorado Chapter serves the Southern Colorado region, providing federally accredited apprenticeship schooling, state-approved Continuing Education, and Contractor resources.

How do I become an electrician?

The state of Colorado requires that an individual must have a combination of 4 years of apprentice experience (8,000 hours on-the-job training), and at least 288 hours of classroom training in order to take the Colorado license exam to become a Journeyman electrician.  Our four-year program provides 576 hours of classroom training / instruction hours.  IEC Southern Colorado's Contractor Members provide on-the-job training. 

Please see DORA's Electrician License by Examination Application Checklist for more detailed information.

A high school diploma or GED equivalent is the entry-level education required to be an electrical apprentice. In order to attend IEC Southern Colorado, you must be physically capable of performing the various tasks that are required of you, and must either pass a Math Diagnostic Assessment (issued by IEC as part of Registration process) or attend a Math Refresher course (provided by the school).  For more information on getting registered for classes, see our New Student Registration page.

How can I find a job as an electrical apprentice?

Finding a job as an electrical apprentice is just like finding any other job, and having previous experience is usually not required!  For a list of suggested employers, please see our Contractor Members list. They will ensure you have discounted tuition as you attend for the next four years, and many will even assist with schooling costs! Be sure to ask about their company policies on schooling during the interview process.

Many other students have found apprentice jobs through: word of mouth (friend or family), Craigslist,,, career counselors, temp agencies, and Colorado Workforce Centers.

Those who have already registered for school may also send their resumes to (suject line: Job Board) to be added to our Job Board webpage. This webpage is visible only to our Contractor Members looking to hire. IEC Southern Colorado is not a job placement agency, and employment via the Job Board is not guaranteed. 

When does apprentice training start?

The Four-Year Apprentice Training Program follows a typical college calendar, in that classes are split into two semesters. First Semester begins in August and runs through December, and Second Semester begins in January and runs through May/June.

In addition to Fall start, IEC Southern Colorado has an additional Winter rotation available for First-Year Students ONLY. First Semester for Winter Rotation begins in October and runs through February, and Second Semester runs March through July.

Enrollment for classes is open year-round.

How will I juggle work and school?

Most of our students are employed as electrical apprentices during the daytime hours. Our classes are held in the evenings (5:30-9:30pm) once a week.

If you find that you are struggling to find balance between your job and schoolwork, talk to your instructor and your employer for guidance.

Is financial aid available?

IEC Southern Colorado is registered as an "apprenticeship program," and is thus not eligible for FAFSA funding.

First Year students seeking financial aid should contact the Pikes Peak Workforce Center. They cover all First Year schooling costs for qualifying students. Pikes Peak Workforce does require you to be working for an electrician in order to be eligible, so please refer to our list of Contractor Members if you are seeking employment.

Please call 719-667-3700 regarding financial help for apprenticeship classes with IEC Southern Colorado.

Second, Third, and Fourth Year students are eligible to apply for grants and scholarships directly through the school. These opportunities pop up a few times a year, so keep an eye out for announcements on when and how to apply.

How do I apply for classes?

We are currently accepting registrations on a walk-in basis. We are located at 2345 N Academy Blvd, at the Maizeland and Academy intersection.

Hours for walk-in registrations are 10a to 3p, Monday through Thursday, and Friday by appointment only. Please plan on being at the school for approximately 2 hours, as you will be taking your Math Diagnostic Assessment as well. A practice exam is available on the New Student page.

I am a Veteran. Can I use my GI Bill?

You certainly can!

However, we do not receive any VA monies directly. You must first secure an apprenticeship working in the field, at which point you may apply to begin receiving monthly OJT (On the Job Training) payments. The VA will pay you directly with a “monthly housing allowance.” That rate varies case by case, so please contact your VA rep for more details.

Please call 719-596-3688 with any VA inquiries.

What tools do I need for my First Year?

You are not required to purchase tools to take classes, however you will likely need them on the job. Below is a list of suggested tools for First Year Apprentices. We do have a Starter Tool Kit available for purchase through the school. Click here for additional information.

  • Tool Bag

  • Tape Measure

  • Torpedo Level

  • Roto Split

  • Wire Strippers

  • Pipe Reamer

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Standard Screwdriver

  • Lineman Pliers

  • Needle Nose Pliers

  • Channel Locks

  • Sawzall or Hacksaw

  • Cordless Drill

  • Wire Cutters or Dikes

  • Razor Knife

  • Rock Saw for Drywall

  • Head Lamp

  • Amp Meter

How much does the schooling cost?

The amount of tuition is dependent on the Membership status of your employer. If you are unsure if they are a Member, please refer to our Contractor Member list.

Please call us at 719-596-3688 for current Tuition and Book pricing.*

*Codebooks are not included. 

What is an electrician's salary?

Electrical apprentices are generally paid based on their experience level until they obtain their Journeyman's License.  


The average salary for a Journeyman Electrician in Colorado is $66,000 per year, or $32.17 per hour.  A Master Electrician's average salary is $81,000 per year. 

Please give us a call if you have any further questions.

We are always happy to help!

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