Getting Spooky

Mr. Bones has the answers you seek.

Your IECSCC crew has been hard at work preparing for All Hallow’s Eve. Stop by between now and Halloween to see all of our haunted attractions, and ask your question of the Mystic Mr. Bones.

Psychic readings are free of charge!

Help Wanted!

Attention to employers and apprentices alike! Our campus is in need of some electrical maintenance!


Some days are busier than others. If you have an apprentice (or are an apprentice) sitting around the shop or cleaning out trucks on slow days, let us know.


Please send Curt an email if you have any availability to help out around the school.

IEC Con 2018

This year’s convention took place September 19th – 22nd in Indianapolis. Curt and Kathy were joined by Lee T, Shaun K, Dale W, Greg A, and local Wire Off winner Tim Breckenridge.

In addition to the fun, it was a productive week for your IEC staff. Between the meetings, speakers, events, expo hall, and Competition, everyone had a blast and the opportunity to pick up some excellent information.

Tim took part in the Apprentice of the Year Competition on behalf of Foster Electric and IECSCC. Congratulations again, Tim, and well done!

But wait… there’s more!

Dale Weis, of Encore Electric, accepted a National award for Low Voltage/Limited Energy Construction at IEC Con this year for the Ent Center for the Arts, located at 5225 N Nevada Ave, right here in Colorado Springs.

Congratulations Encore!

Be sure to mark your calendar now for IEC Con 2019!
St. Louis, MO
October 2nd-5th

New Members 2018

IEC has experienced rapid growth in the last two years. As we have expanded, so has our family of Contractor Members. Joining us in 2018:

The Wire Ninja, LLC

Smith Electric

Piper Electric, Inc.

Kopacz Boyer Design Build Services, LLC

Advanced Electric Group

Thank you for your support and welcome to IEC!