PDU Classes for Grounding and Bonding

Our next PDU (Professional Development Units) class is starting up November 7th covering Grounding and Bonding.  Classes are one night a week for three weeks for a total of nine PDU hours. If you need also need Theory and Calculations, Code Changes or Wiring Methods, these will be covered in the following months, and if you bundle classes you can save on tuition. Call IEC for more information – (719) 596-3688.

Pikes Peak Work Force & IEC

The IEC school, Institute for Electrical Careers, is partnering with the Pikes Peak Workforce Center to help our new First Year students get started in the electrical industry. This Thursday at 5:30 we will be meeting here with the Pikes Peak Workforce Center to complete paperwork to help with tuition and books. The student must be registered first with the Pikes Peak Workforce Center before we can start with the tuition assistance.

VA Benefits

The Institute for Electrical Careers is working with the Office of Veterans Affairs in order to provide VA benefits in our educational program. Contact the IEC office for more details.

Utilities Location Simplified

On April 13, 2007 remembering the phone number to the Utilities Notification Center of Colorado will get easier: just dial 811. Until April 13, 2007, continue calling 800-922-1987 three days before your project.

811 is the new national dialing code for locating all underground utility lines. Remember to phone three business days before your project.