A Visit With Mr. Bones

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Mr. Bones says 
“How long do you microwave a 25lb turkey?”

Getting Spooky


Mr. Bones has the answers you seek.
Stop by between now and Halloween for a free psychic reading from the Mystic Mr. Bones.
The Mystic Mr. Bones says 
“Gaze into my crystal ball. Can you see anything? I cannot, as I don’t have eyeballs.”

IEC Con 2018




As an electrician, your code book is a sacred text. Mr. Bones has searched high and low to discover a fun and simple way to test your code knowledge, and he believes that he has found a solution. In Dr. Electro's Hall of Inventions and Electrical Curiosities lies the Code-O-Matic.
What is the Code-O-Matic?
This magical contraption houses code related questions to challenge your knowledge. Step on up to see if you know the answer to its’ question.
If you select the correct answer, you will see a green light. If you do not, like our friend Mr. Bones, you have three minutes to crack out your code book and try it again.
Be sure to check to Code-O-Matic each week for new questions to put your code knowledge to the test!
Mr. Bones says 
“Failure is success if you learn from it.”

Back to School


As Mr. Bones carried 3,000lbs of textbooks up the stairs to the second floor, he was reminded of how valuable education truly is.
Did you know…
You can actually receive college credits for attending IEC? 
Through Emily Griffith Technical College, you can earn up to 44 credits, transferable to any community college in Colorado.
Mr. Bones says 
“The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains gives hope to many people.”

Getting Ready for Fall Classes


With Fall Classes quickly approaching Mr. Bones decided to help the painters get the classrooms ready for the new school year. Your IEC Southern Colorado is expecting over 300 students, additional instructors, and pallets of textbooks to arrive soon.
There is still time to register!
Orientation Week: July 30 – August 3
Classes Begin: August 6
Tuition Due: July 16
Mr. Bones says   
“Education costs money, but then, so does ignorance…”

The Tesla Award


And the winner is......
Not only will the winners of the Wire-Off Competition be announced at the upcoming graduation, the winner of the Tesla Award will also be announced.
The Tesla Award was created to recognize those students who may not get the best grades but who have the drive and determination to work hard, a good attitude, and an enthusiasm for learning. 
The nomination for this award is submitted by our IEC instructors so it is open to all four school years.
Mr. Bones says 
(actually repeats what Carol Burnett said)…  
“We don’t stop going to school when we graduate.”

IEC Con 2017


IEC Con 2017 is Almost Here!
Mr. Bones is all packed and ready to head to the IEC Con 2017 later this month. He even has his IEC 60th Anniversary glasses on.
Last year there was no problem at the security checkpoint (whew, since Mr. Bones was traveling in luggage class – he was inside my suitcase) and so I hope, once again, there will be no problem with the TSA agents as they scan my luggage and see Mr. Bones in there. If I do get detained and sent to a holding cell, please send me a cake with a file in it…
Mr. Bones says…  
“If black boxes survive air crashes, why don’t they make the whole plane out of that stuff?”

Solar Eclipse 2017


The Solar Eclipse of 2017 has come and gone.
Mr. Bones went outside to check it out for himself and, even during the eclipse, he got a sunburn. I guess Mr. Bones does not get out that much.
Well, actually his only trip of the year is to the annual IEC National Convention which will be held this year in sunny Phoenix, Arizona so he is already stocking up on sunscreen. This convention will celebrating 60 years of IEC National’s contribution to the electrical industry. Come on out and join Mr. Bones as he checks out the Expo floor at the convention and all the new products on display.
Mr. Bones says…  
“You have to find what sparks a light in you 
so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.

Habitat for Humanity


It was a cold (20 Degree) and snowy December, Saturday when six students and one instructor from the IEC-SCC volunteered to rough out a Habitat for Humanity Home. 
One of the students who had recently moved from the Phoenix area managed to maneuver through the drifts and ice to get to the house. It was so cold that during break-time, the coffee froze in the cups. However, James Crump (our 3rd Year Student and Residential Wireman) braved the weather and laid out the house, lead the crew, and helped get everything organized.
Luckily, when it was time to trim out the house, the weather was much better, and we had extra help with Mr. Bones here to work on the main panel. It was an excellent hands-on-learning opportunity for students who had no experience with residential wiring, and a great opportunity to give back to the community.  We look forward to a continuing partnership with Habitat For Humanity and bringing electricity to more homes and families in our area.
(Mr. Bones is going to quote Nikola Tesla when)
Mr. Bones says…  
“Each day we go to our work in the hope of discovering.

Mr. Bones' General Store


I'm curious to see what Mr. Bones stocks his shelves with...
Soon Mr. Bones’ General Store will be completed – along with the rest of the construction here.
The repair of our roof is almost complete, the water damage repair is under way, and our heating/cooling system is getting an overhaul.



Mr. Bones says…
“Here at Mr. Bones’ General Store we have bare bones pricing (and bare bones)!

Home Improvement: IEC Edition


We'll try to keep Mr. Bones out of your way...
Well, Mr. Bones has been busy on his general store, putting ideas down on paper. He even went ahead and drew up some plans all by himself. However, since he doesn’t know how to read or write, or even draw, I’m not sure how much help his plans will be. But he is looking forward to opening day of the store.
If you can help out with any of the projects shown in this month’s newsletter we would greatly appreciate it. Please call or drop by and talk to us and let us know how you can help.
Mr. Bones says…
“Wait until you see my idea for the revolving dance floor!

IEC Con 2016


Mr. Bones had a busy time at the convention this year!
He saw a lot of new products on the Expo floor, made some new friends, and got some great ideas from the Education Sessions.
Next Year IEC National will have been “Leading the Industry for 60 Years” and if you have never been to the IEC National Convention before, this will be the year to go. It will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, on October 26-29.
Mr. Bones says…
“Check out all the pictures of me at the National Convention on the IEC Southern Colorado website, www.iecscc.org.”

A Star Is Born


Although October is a busy month for Mr. Bones, with all his special appearances during the Halloween season, he is still taking time to go to IEC Con 2016.
When you are at the convention feel free to ask Mr. Bones for one of his autographed pictures, as he will be in the new Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film – “Dead Men Tell No Tales” coming out in 2017.
Mr. Bones and Orlando Bloom are sharing a trailer on the set and Mr. Bones says that Orlando is quite the prankster during filming. 
Mr. Bones says… 
“Sigh… Now that I am a film star, I need to get me a better manager. On the flight to IEC Con 2016, instead of First Class, they have me in BAGGAGE!!!”

Mr. Bones Needs Help!


As Mr. Bones helps get the lab boards ready, he is asking for a contractor member to help him out.
What he needs is 1-phase and 3-phase power run to the new 4th Year lab boards. He would like a small sub-panel set in the classroom so the instructor can monitor the power to the boards.
If one of our members can help out please call 719-596-3688 and ask for Curt.
(Mr. Bones would answer the phone but he will be upstairs painting.)
Mr. Bones says…
“You make a living out of what you get
but you make a life out of what you give.”